The iron cross progression: Full guide from beginner to gymnast

Iron cross gymastics exerciseIn this guide, I will be walking you through each step on how to iron cross from the absolute beginning, to finally mastering the iron cross exercise.I will show you how to build up the iron cross the fastest and safest way possible, whether [...]

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The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need On Core Strengthening Exercises: Back Pain Killer

Are you struggling with back pain from time to time? Maybe with radiation, maybe without. It could radiate from your lower back to your glutes or in your legs. Or maybe you just want to build up a strong core to do great exercises. After all the [...]

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The Ultimate Diamond Push Up Benefits

A popular push up technique is the Diamond Push up (also called triangle push ups or narrow push ups). A popular technique forseveral reasons. It’s a harder variant of the push up exercise where technique plays an important factor for good execution and maximum benefits.Some of the diamond [...]

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