What is the best headphone for working out?

//What is the best headphone for working out?

What is the best headphone for working out?

Top workout headphones

It’s a question I get a lot in the gym when training: “Do you know what the best headphones are to workout with?” A question that may seem easy at first, but it can actually be quite complicated. The reason being: I’ve got a eczema in my ears which makes it hard to but earbuds in when working out. It makes the condition worse, so I’m forced to look at other headphones. This usually means that over-ear headphones are the best choice for me.

However, when hanging upside down and doing dynamic exercises, is that even possible? It’s something I struggled with a lot.

The music in the gym is oftentimes not that good. A bit of top 40 and music you can sleep to from time to times; not very motivating. It’s quite frustrating if you ask me, but they have to account for everyone in the gym, from teenagers to elderly. Unless you train in a hardcore gym or a crossfit box, you have to deal with this. Solution: Get some good headphones for your workout.

So here is a list I’ve created from personal experience. Now I know not many people have an ear condition like me, so in-ear headphones might be the best solution for you while I prefer over-ears.

Bluetooth vs wired headphones

I always prefer Bluetooth headphones when working out. The reason being like stated above; I always hang upside down and do dynamic exercises with my bodyweight. If you have a wired headphone, the cord will get stuck or pulled out of your phone.

If you are a regular gym guy/girl, or you are not doing to many exercises where the cord might get stuck, you can consider the wired headphones.

Best Bluetooth headphones for the gym

Here you’ll find the best Bluetooth headphones for in the gym, based on my experience. I’ve taken in consideration comfort, stability, connectivity, sweat proof, sound and design.

Best wireless headphones for running

If you are more into running instead of working out in the gym, check out these headphones. You can choose for a bit more comfort or less stability, but better sound for example. These are the best earbuds and Bluetooth headphones for running:

Best workout earbuds

The Bose SoundSport Wireless were the ones I used the most before I had this condition with my ears. They are really comfortable and will not go out of your ears when hanging upside down. It’s from Bose, so the quality of sound is awesome. Bluetooth connectivity is stable and it’s also sweat proof.

Some of the cons are it’s design. Bose definitely made better looking earbuds, but when in the gym I think comfort is better than looks in this scenario.

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