A popular push up technique is the Diamond Push up (also called triangle push ups or narrow push ups). A popular technique for
several reasons.diamond-push-up-benefits It’s a harder variant of the push up exercise where technique plays an important factor for good execution and maximum benefits.

Some of the diamond push up benefits are strong triceps, strong chest, strong front part of your deltoids and also a variant that is often overlooked: A strong core.

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As you can see the diamond push up benefits are quite awesome and it makes it an exercise definitely worth to master.

I can tell you this, most people perform the exercise the wrong way. The reason for this is often because of the core strength. A factor which plays a huge role in performing it the right way.

When you do this exercise the wrong way you will never get the absolute maximum from it. Most likely you are compensating another way, with muscle groups that are stronger than the one that should be performing the task. Your weak spots stay weak this way even though you think you are performing it the right way.

At a certain point you come across a sticking point and for some reason you can’t progress. Of course there are several factors that can be the cause for this problem. But as I’ve often seen in the practice with my patients, it’s pure technique.

The ultimate triangle push up benefits

Once you have mastered the diamond push ups the correct way (which I will show you below), you will have some great benefits.

Your chest muscles will be strong. You are targeting your full chest. Your triceps will be strong and your front deltoids will be strong. Your nervous system will reprogram your body and mind to function better this way. Make these muscles work together which makes you instantly stronger, no muscle growth even required. The nervous system is very powerful and plays a huge role in strength training.

Also your core will be solid, you will be ahead of 99% of the people out there, guaranteed. And if that’s not enough, you will decrease the chances of injury to the lower back to the utmost. The most common injury in the lower back is because of a weak core. Master your core and man, you will pick the fruits.

A more detailed description of this below.

Narrow push ups: The right way to optimize benefits

  1. Push your chest out, shoulders backwards
    This is harder than it looks like. Most of us deal with weak shoulder blade muscles that makes retraction (pulling the shoulders backwards) hard. A common problem is the shoulders hanging forward. They are not centred the way they should be. This is because of weakness of the shoulder blade muscles and tension of the muscles on the front (chest, neck muscles, etc).
  2. Movement of the shoulder blades
    When you come down on the ground the shoulder blades need to come together, which makes the exercise harder. When you push yourself up the shoulder blades go out of each other. If you want to gain optimal results you can push yourself out even more. This makes the range of motion greater and you involve more of your shoulders and chest into the exercise.
  3. Perfect core position
    Now this one is where most people fail. Look around in the gym or wherever they perform such exercises and look really closely. You will notice almost everyone does this wrong and it’s a damn shame. Everybody thinks they are doing it right but they are not. Now I don’t want to be a form-nazi here but the core is so important because you can gain a whole lot of strength out of it. And of course it prevents you from back pain.

To see how you do it, make a little video of yourself if you are serious about your process and watch your core closely.

You are in need of the pelvic tilt and maintain a slight hollow body position that makes your body function as 1 piece so you get the maximum out of the exercise.

The following pictures show you what is meant by the pelvic tilt:


I should not be able to slide my hand underneath my back. If you are not able to flatten your back fully to the ground that means your core is too weak and it needs some training.


The correct way.

My hand is not able to slide underneath my back. I’m compressing my inner core muscles by pushing my lower back into the ground, to maintain a stable spine position which is essential. This way you will be stronger and prevent back injuries.

  1. Flex that ass
    It’s important to also flex your glutes. Most people are not able to do this. The glute muscles are a vital part of your core. Once mastered, you will have an iron core and kill it in the diamond push ups. Imagine you need to hold a piece of paper between the cheeks.
  2. Full Range Of Motion and Watch the elbows

Make sure the hand positions are underneath your chest and you are not leaning back like the picture below:


As you can see my hands are not fully underneath my chest. This is cheating and it makes the exercise easier.

Another common thing often seen in the diamond push up is leaning too much in with your core. You might be thinking you are doing it right but still lean in too much. This is what I mean:


As you can see this is another form of cheating and also hurting your vertebra in your lower back. So a big no.

The following picture shows you the correct way of the beginning position of the diamond push up to achieve maximum benefits:


Look closely at this picture and in specific to the core. If you watch closely you can see a slightly hollow position in the abs, but the back is flat. This is what I mean by the core exercises mentioned above. Master this and you will be ahead of 99% the people, I promise you. The core is something that is overlooked by so many people and you have such a great benefit mastering this. Not to mention the six pack abs that comes with it.

As you can see my hands are not fully underneath my chest. This is cheating and it makes the exercise easier. Another common thing often seen in the diamond push up is leaning too much in with your core. You might be thinking you are doing it right but still lean in too much. This is what I mean:

As you can see in the picture above: (checklist)

  • Glutes are flexed.
  • Core is solid, straight back.
  • Elbows 45 degrees outward (bit hard to see from this angle).
  • Hands underneath the chest
  • Chest is out and shoulders backward

If you master this exercise the right way, the ultimate diamond push up benefits will tremendous.
You will have:

  • Solid triceps strength.
  • Solid chest strength. Also great for the upper chest development
  • Solid front deltoid strength
  • Great core strength
  • No lower back pain
  • Overall a beautiful athletic body is what you will build. Balanced out by targeting the right muscle group with solid strength. The source code to building a great physique.

Your central nervous system will adapt to this pattern and it will become easier and easier every time you do it. You will learn you central nervous system to adjust and to make your body function as 1 whole. This will increase your strength greatly and prevent your lower back from injury.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and you will be putting it into practice. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, I will respond to you.

Talk to you soon,

Masters Of Bodyweight